The Wave Of Being

The body whose cells have a life cycle of a few years is quite literally a wave of substances moving through time; material pulled from the earth, incorporated – made corporeal – only to be later dropped back down. The body is a form and not a fixed object, effectively an idea or blueprint that incoming molecules learn and inherit as they in turn leave it to others.

Psychologically too the self is a process rather than an object: we are at the ocean’s edge, repetitively and compulsively inscribing in the sand a circle of self around us as the tide of being, the here and now, floods in to erase it time and time again.

We think of ourselves as some kind of bucket containing our thoughts and memories not realizing the bucket too is a mental creation with no objective reality. Essentially we are our thinking processes here and now, not the sum or history of them but their present moment activity. What we think about in our daily life we are.

Our thoughts are simply what we are; a shifting chaos of identity, gratification, imagination and habit. What we think is fixed and solid changes every second we’re alive, usually in ways we’re completely unaware of.

If the self is really nothing tangible but just a construction of thought then to stop or even just change our habitual thinking is a kind of death. No wonder awareness is resisted as it destroys the self like sunlight destroys bacteria. Our evasion from present moment awareness is nothing but the desire to continue uninterrupted. It’s also the essence of all resistance to change – the self holds on to stasis literally for dear life.

Understanding as art and science