The secret seed of our eating addiction hides in the interplay between mind and body, in particular how an overgrown sense of self gains control of the body to pervert its physical needs. One may not be used to thinking of mal-eating as “perverted” but a frank consideration will reveal it to be so.

Like all addictions it promises the cure to its own sickness but can’t deliver; the sugar-coated carrot is forever out of reach psychologically if not physically.

Even when we’re eating we think about eating more as our hunger is not deprivation of the body but the spirit. Overeating is a silent scream.

Addiction in general is inevitable in the subjective way of thinking and living; it’s the watering hole of the self around which compulsions gather. The ultimate addiction is to an oblivious false-god self that works against itself by its very confused nature.

It’s when in a state of confusion that self destructive choices spring up like wildflowers after the rain, choices we regret almost before they’re made and that lead to yet more confusion. Often these will follow one after another as effect becomes cause in a compulsive cycle that can be hard to break out of.

To banish objectivity from one’s thoughts is inevitably to let in poor choices that will later haunt us. To identify with body and mind is paradoxically the first step toward their degradation.

A reduced bodily mass is best brought about by a reduced psychological one. The psyche grows throughout life like an out of control weed choking free movement and crowding out present perceptions. We find it’s not just on a corporeal level that there’s so much more to us. We carry with so much pride the increasing burden of our little pasts of personal background not realizing their weight is literally killing us.

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