Sustaining lifestyle change


So how do we make serious and lasting changes to our daily patterns of eating, activity and health? It’s more helpful it seems to me when dealing with the psyche and its physical expression to seek primarily to understand it rather than control and dominate it as is usually attempted. In understanding ourselves real change may come even or perhaps especially if unintended. Success if it’s thought about at all is measured by subtle perceptual progress and not outward signs.

Change is of course uncomfortable for both body and mind and even traumatic if resisted enough. Openness to change is essentially life itself and conversely resistance to it is the very essence of the self.

We have a natural and understandable bias toward sensuality from our animal heritage . Only being seated and centered in stillness provides the weight to comfortably and permanently counter-balance this innate call. We can struggle desperately to capture experience or simply relax and be aware enough to let it be contained within.

Technique as a tool has its place but a quotidian creativity in both forming and sustaining patterns is not a goal worked toward but is at the very first step. The pages below describe some of the patterns that may be useful.


Insight as art and science