Framework of Food


If mal-eating is “not really about food” part of the solution is to make the eating process entirely about it, stripping out all other motivations to leave only the need for nutrition. When it comes to food we are strict materialists. Materialism nullifies marketing as it compares only on physical attributes.

As a form of physical conditioning like running, weight training or yoga eating calibration is best approached gradually so as to give the body space for adjustment. A novice wouldn’t begin training for a marathon by immediately running twenty miles every day but many try the equivalent with calories and suffer the pain and difficulties that come from too abrupt physical change. It might take several years for the body to fully conform to an intake conscious lifestyle but there is a point when it feels easy and even enjoyable; a daily challenge that stimulates and energizes. You have created it and it in turn has created you.

The mind creates the structure, consciously or not and the body in time forms itself around that structure like a climbing vine about a building. The framework may be abstract but the enforcement is material as the body slowly adjusts itself to it as an internal mold. The mind gently leads the body like a large dog on a leash, guiding but not pulling too hard.

An emphasis on process rather than outcomes will prevent despair and resignation at temporary setbacks – an all-or-nothing attitude that can lead to what are often called “what the hell” moments.

Just as it takes more time to write as briefly as possible it takes more care with food to eat less of it. Gluttony is a dismissive attitude to food, a grabbing without attentiveness. Care for what you eat and it will care for you.

Remember that mind plus time equals body, or at least a large part of its physiological change. The body is a map that tracks back to the mind just as the mind projects forward onto the body.

Resolve to let everything you eat fully pass through your consciousness – and kitchen scales – before it passes through your body.

Insight as art and science