photo-1452520059272-76d6d0a43dfdA more integrated interaction with food is just part of a more conscious way of living in general. Mindful eating is no more than an application of the meditative way of being even as it in turn assists it. Food calibration and a meditative lifestyle are synergistic, support each other like each side of a step ladder. Restricting food outside of a mindfulness setting without aligning our larger being reduces our endeavors to mere willpower or even zealotry, making any change hard to sustain.

As hard as curbing the self’s physical demands can be, doing the same to its psychological needs is far harder. In fact as we all know the first is largely subsumed within the second. It’s our daily ordeal to ride this virtual beast of confused and painful thinking.

The key to a more sane and graceful mode of being both for body and mind is awareness. Awareness gives us access to levels we never would have guessed were even there, to enable extra dimensions, to find solutions unknown to the oblivious busy mind.

Is there an alternative to the sometimes laborious or uncomfortable way of living mindfully? There is: an existence based on distraction, dissipation and disappointment.

Without a commitment to fuller consciousness as autonomous beings we’re no more than dogs walking around a library sniffing the books. To be more fully conscious is the very purpose of existence. Even if it offers nothing else there is a dignity to awareness that oblivion can never know – no moment of it can ever be wasted.

Intelligence can be defined as the speed of convergence to the truth and self-awareness is to remove any blocks to that convergence. Alertness fuels a passion for the objective that has one goal only: to better follow the faint tracery of truth.

Insight as art and science